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Assorted Baked Mooncakes 特选烘皮月饼 | Box of 4 pieces


This product is inclusive of: 

• 1 x Single Yolk ​低糖单黄白莲蓉 
• 1 x Double Yolk​ 低糖双黄白莲蓉
• 1 x Pine Nuts & Pumpkin Seeds​ 低糖白莲蓉松子与南瓜子
• 1 x Melon Paste with Mixed Nuts and Pumpkin Seeds 冬蓉馅伍仁南瓜子

Food Allergy:

• Contain Eggs and Nuts


• $15 to one location. Additional peak surcharge may be applicable.
• Complimentary delivery is only applicable for orders of 50 boxes or more to one location. There will be a surcharge of $25 per location for orders with less than 50 boxes.